Online Store Option

Group Ordering & Fundraising made easy for you. For small or large groups we have an online store option for you that allows your community to order directly without the worry of collecting order forms. If you want to sell at cost or use as a fundraiser the FWCustom Online Store is a great option for you!

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Let Us Handle It For You!

If you have ever been in charge of ordering shirts for a large group or a fundraiser, you know what a hassle it is to collect sizes, make sure everyone has paid, and then hand out each order to everyone. And these days lots of people want to use their credit cards rather than cash or check. But we have a wonderful solution for you to make this whole process a lot easier — our online store option.

If you have a sports team, family or class reunion, school club, church fundraiser, special event or even social/political cause, we can build an online store for you.

always open

Have your Online Store ready at all times

No down time waiting on a store to open or waiting to give your order form to the right person, the Online Store gives your members, families, etc time to order at their leisure whether that’s in the morning or late at night.

The organization can set a pre-determined deadline for all orders to be submitted so that all product orders can be finalized and produced within your timeframe.


Days per week

Days Per Year


Customers Served

How does it work

So let’s begin the process!

Select Products

The organization will choose how many products to offer as well as color options for each


Upload a design into your account or work with our on staff graphic artists to create artwork for each product item


Work with your FWCustom rep to determine pricing so you can either offer at cost for cheapest prices or at a markup to use as a fundraiser


FWCustom creates the store and organization shares the link to get out to their community

buy Buy BUY

Members purchase items online during established window and receive order confirmations


Once order window concludes, production begins at FWCustom. All items will be shipped directly to customers